The players will be having plentiful options if they are seeking for playing with Bitcoin Blackjack, as the majority of the casino site are offering this game. The second most popular BTC casino game that is next to slots is none other than Bitcoin Blackjack. Majority of the players are even using Bitcon for playing this game, due to the simplicity of the transactions. The fundamental rule of Blackjack is that the player will be playing against the dealer or the house. In this game, eight standard decks with 52 cards will be used. The player is given 2 cards for facing up, while the dealer will be having 1 card, with the face up as well. The goal will be for the player’s cards value to reach 21 or as close to it as possible. The worth of the picture cards are 10, Ace is 1 or 11, and the remaining cards will be having their value of their numbers.

The cards when distributed, the player will have to decide, if gets another card, which is known as hit, or if the player will stand, and that means the player is fair with the cards. The player will be even having an option for splitting, if the cards are having the similar picture or number, wherein the player will be having another hand with a wager that is equal for the first one. The more cards will be received by the dealer, till hers gets the value of 17 or up. The value of the player’s cards, if it is closer to 21, than that of the dealer, then the player will be paid Bitcoins which are equivalent for the player’s wagering. But, the player if had a blackjack, which is an Ace paired with any 10 value card, then the payment will be 3:2. The dealer and the players if having the same cards, then it is a standoff.

Besides from split, there may even have other bets that are available for the player for wagering depending upon the Bitcoin blackjack rules of the site that the player is playing which includes the following:

Double The State will double the player’s original betting, however one can get only one more card, except the player is having a blackjack.

Top 3. The worth of the player’s first two cards are going to be combined for the value of the dealer’s first card. They must form three of a kind, straight flush or three of a kind suited for the purpose of winning. The cards if they are not formed the player will be losing. The player if wins, then the player will be paid 90-1 for the three of a kind, 180-1 for the straight flush and 270-1 for the three of a kind suited.

21 + 3. The value of the Player’s first two cards will even be added for the first card of the dealer. The player will wins if the three cards form flush, straight flush, three of a kind or straight. For this betting the payment will be 9-1.

Perfect Pairs. The player’s first two cards, if they are perfect, then the player is going to be paid a particular ratio depending upon the player’s pair. Perfect Pair will be paid 25-1, colored pair will be paid 5-1. For the purpose of offering the player for playing games for free, there are casino sites, hence, the player can be able to take advantage of them for practicing the player’s skills in playing Blackjack. The player if wishes for familiarizing himself with the game before playing with real Bitcoins, this would be helpful.