BCH i.e; Bitcoin Cash is deemed as one of over 1,500 cryptocurrencies upon the market. But, unlike most of other digital currencies, Bitcoin Cash is without any suspicion, the nearest relative for the original cryptocurrency which is none other than Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is capable of handling digital transactions with low fees, that had made it to stay as a top deposit option for an increasing number of online cryptocurrency casinos. For the purpose of a larger block size than Bitcoin, the BItcoin Cash Protocol is even allowing, directly enhancing the number of transactions, which can be processed on every 10 minutes.

Bitcoin Cash on the technical front, was been created from a hard work of Bitcoin. That means some of the noteworthy improvements, that are made for the code, which insures faster transactions and lower tax fees, which are compared for the original Bitcoin network.

BCH is definitely been the most successful thus far, though it is not the only fork of Bitcoin. By a set of dissatisfied investors, it was proposed after prolonging period of debates, that the traders, miners, developers, and other enthusiasts who are craving for resolving the scalability issues that the Bitcoin has been experiencing recently.

The Rise Of BCH

Everyone is familiar that a blockchain is the digital ledger, wherein the records that every transaction is made on a cryptocurrency’s network. The rice of BCH which is the monarch of cryptocurrency, is due to the scalability issue faced by BTC. On August 1, 2017, the BCH fork was successfully executed. Anyone who holds Bitcoin at that period would have got an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash.

Besides, this new cryptocurrency has received its own fair share of criticisms. There is one main reason, that several enthusiasts have detested its pseudo decentralization management right from its creation. This kind of supposed setback had made its entry into the cryptocurrency market to be visited with kids’ glove. However, a lot of interest in the altcoin was grown following a remarkable price surge, which has moved BCH for 2nd place on the list cryptocurrency market capitalizations, overtaking the now second Ethereum. It has moved up and down on the list, since than, however has consistently handled its status as a top 10 cryptocurrency.

Instead of the fact, that it just emerged in the cryptocurrency market, it has handled for following behind BTC, while competing with LTC and ETH.

Bitcoin Only Online Casinos

Gradually, online BItcoin only casinos are becoming an important concept. As per the estimation there are more than 200 online casinos processing transactions with BTC in 2018. The latest statistical analysis by the Bitcoin Strip is even going for a progressive increase in the acceptance of cryptocurrency for gaming transactions.

After giving the importance of BTC only casinos, at present there are no BCH only casinos. For this scenario the reason is not farfetched, however, deeming the Bitcoin Cash just recently made its way into the cryptocurrency market and is still building momentum. In the same manner, the advantages that BCH is offering over BTC are clear enough for online casinos for starting to install the BCH transaction option in addition for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

This results in anticipating the Bitcoin Cash for gaining more ground in both the cryptocurrency and online gambling worlds. This is to be noted, that only a handful of traditional real money online casinos are presently accepting BCH and no regulated casino, that means a casino which is handled by a Government agency that is charged with regulating casinos and other kinds of gaming in a geographical region. As of now, there are several casinos which have enabled Bitcoin Cash as a banking option.