99% payouts, a video terminal, and a videopokerCards, so what could be fine that Video Poker?

As of today, anyway, Video Poker machines are computer generated and the graphics will be relatively simple. That means the offering at Bitcoin Casinos is just as fine than the player’s favorite machine land based or online. In addition to that the player can be able to play without registering and from any country in the world. These Bitcoin casinos will be paying out at 98% or still better for poker games.

What Can Be Expected from Bitcoin Video Poker?

In general, this game is played upon a video game console, which is computerized, and resembles a slot machine. Bitcoin Video Poke Game is based on the poker game of the five card draw variety.

The majority of the Bitcoin Video Poker Games are fair, and will be featuring progressive jackpots for the players for winning. Generally, the returns for the players will be above 99%. WIthin the game server, the incorporated random number generator will be ensuring the player that the game is quite fair.

The most of the Video Poker Games, that uses Bitcoin as the payment method generally will be providing the test credits, which are exclusively meant for trying out the different features and games that are available. But, these credits are not redeemable for the virtual currency. The scores that are obtained by the players, will not be recorded either. The player is just provided a method for risk free practising.

Getting Into The Game

The player will have to fund the virtual wallet with money thru bank transfer or any other available method. When once this is done, the player will be buying Bitcoin and deposit the money into the player’s online account of choice. For the purpose of confirmation, a verification code will be sent. Later on, the player can be able to commence for play.

The novice players who does not have any concept of going about playing Bitcoin, it is advised for taking advantage of the test credits for their choice.

No sooner than, the players who have purchased the playing credits, then the player is required for placing their bets and press the deal button. The players then will be having a chance for discarding the cards, that they have at hand and getting better ones. Later on drawing, the players will be paid should their cards in hand must match those at the pay table.

The player who receives the payout will be depending on the game variation, which is the rarity of the hands and as well as the decision of the gaming operator.


The payout you obtain will depend on the game variation, the rarity of the hands as well as the decision of the game operator. Know what the deal is before you begin to play. Some of your choices available at the pay table include jacks or better, tens or better, straight, full house, flush and royal flush among others.


If you begin with a jacks or better game for example, you will find the usual hand combinations for winning like a pair of jacks. This game pays even money. The other hand combinations are usually similar to table poker so the playing and winning rules apply online.


The Appeal of the Game

One of the major reasons as to why you should consider playing Bitcoin video poker is because many games of this nature usually have a progressive jackpot. You may be able to win this jackpot if you play maximum bet hands and hold the winning combination. The jackpot may add up to a huge amount of money.


Most online Bitcoin casinos have a random number generator that enhances the fairness of the game. Most laws of the land enforce the use of random sequences with regard to video poker. This makes it much easier for you to win your money back through video poker as compared to other games online.


When opening an account, all you have to do is credit that account with money from your virtual wallet. There is no registration and documentation required of you. This ensures that you can keep your anonymity intact.


Not only is deposit of money instantaneous but so is the payout. As soon as you win money in a video poker game, the money will be credited to your account quickly thus allowing you to move it elsewhere if you prefer. You do not need to jump through the hoops in order to make confirmations of some kind.

Are you looking for online games that utilize Bitcoin as the currency of choice? Well, Bitcoin video poker games are worth considering. These games are quite fair and offer you the chance to win big in Bitcoin terms. You do not even need to worry about your privacy being infringed because anonymity is assured. If you play your cards right online, you will end up with much more than you started with, that is for sure!

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